89084 Invisalign

89084 Invisalign

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The obstacles that keep more people from getting their teeth straightened include concerns about discomfort, inconvenience, and aesthetics. At Dynamic Dental, we want all of our valued patients to benefit from all the technology that has been made available in recent years, and that includes Invisalign braces. With features that are simply not possible with traditional metal braces, this is a method of repositioning teeth that makes the experience a much more pleasant one.

At the top of the list of complaints about braces is the self-consciousness and awkwardness of being seen wearing them. Not everyone feels that way, of course, but it’s understandable, and you may just be one of those who would rather not advertise that you’re getting orthodontic treatment. Our 89084 Invisalign is crafted from clear plastic so it’s essentially unseen. No one knows you’re wearing anything, so you can be confident smiling, laughing, and speaking in front of family, friends, colleagues, and strangers alike. There’s no chance of irritation or soreness with plastic like there is with metal. And because our 89084 Invisalign is removable, you can take out your braces when you eat, meaning no annoying restrictions on certain foods. Take them out also when you brush and floss. Otherwise, they stay in all day and all night, working round the clock to move your teeth into a more ideal placement. And if those aren’t enough pluses to get you on board, consider that you won’t have to make as many trips to our office. That’s because there are no adjustments made. You wear a different set of Invisalign braces every two weeks, with each perfectly calibrated to serve a specific role in the overall process.

Come in for an appointment to find out if our 89084 Invisalign is the right choice for your orthodontic needs. Contact our office to schedule a time.

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