Cosmetic Dentist 89084

Cosmetic Dentist 89084

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Cosmetic Smile Makeovers in 89084

Rebuilding your smile so that it looks the way you want to may sound like something that is difficult, will take a long time, and cost an incredible amount of money, but surprise! Here at Dynamic Dental, we invite you to take advantage of our cosmetic smile makeovers to transform your unsatisfactory teeth into flawless ones. It’s easier than you think.

As with any task that seems overwhelming on the surface, you have to start somewhere. Come in for a consultation and examination. Our cosmetic dentist 89084 will discuss your goals with you, and assess your needs. This is followed by tailoring a treatment strategy that is ideal for you. The first priority is to replace any lost teeth. Dental implants are the perfect choice. That’s because the way that they’re constructed is to mimic the look and feel of real teeth. A titanium post stands in for your old tooth’s root. And on top of that post is a tooth-colored crown. You will probably also want to address any of your teeth that have imperfections. Examples include crooked and misshapen teeth, chips and discoloration, too much gum showing, and wide spaces between the teeth. Bonding, which is done with composite resins; and veneers, made from porcelain, are both effective methods. Our cosmetic dentist 89084 will use one or possibly both combined to achieve the best results for you. A high priority is a natural look, so that to anyone who sees your new smile, the appearance is that of having replaced all of your old teeth with fantastic new ones. Teeth whitening is also a big part of our cosmetic smile makeover. After all, if your teeth are not bright and brilliant, the full effect is not achieved.

We’re sure that you’ll be thrilled with the result of a full smile makeover. Schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist 89084 right now.

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