Orthodontist in North Las Vegas

Orthodontist in North Las Vegas

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Braces in North Las Vegas

An uneven bite and crooked teeth can ruin your smile as well as hamper the way in which you eat. Dental braces by our orthodontist in North Las Vegas at Dynamic Dental can change your mouth and change your life at the same time. Our practice offers both adults and children the opportunity to have straight teeth and big broad smile. Straighter teeth starts with a comprehensive examination that will use digital imaging and computer modeling to show you how each of the viable treatment options for your case and what the ultimate outcome will look like.

The most often used orthodontic treatment by our orthodontist in North Las Vegas is traditional braces where metal brackets are affixed to the teeth and arch wires are threaded through them. The constant tension of the wires gently pushes the teeth into their desired position. Traditional braces often also use headgear, retainers, jaw extenders and other appliances to aid in the orthodontic process. Children and teenagers often choose to customize the look of their braces with colored elastics. For those patients that do not relish walking around with bright metal grillwork on their teeth tooth-colored ceramic brackets with accompanying or clear arch wires make the braces much harder to see.

For a truly invisible orthodontic treatment that does not involve traditional dental braces our orthodontist in North Las Vegas a system of clear plastic aligners. No brackets or wires are placed on the teeth with this system, the aligners are plastic trays, which fit snugly over the teeth and gently push them into shape. Each aligner in the series pushes the teeth a little farther. Aligners have two distinct advantages over all the braces-based orthodontics, first it is virtually invisible and second the aligner can be taken out for eating and tooth brushing, so the user can eat whatever they want and brush freely. Let our doctor determine which course of treatment is best to fix your bite and brighten that big smile of yours – call for a consultation today.

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